Boris Gamazaychikov

Manager, Sustainability | Salesforce

Boris specializes in developing strategies for the decarbonization of the built environment, with a view that the world’s real estate can be a force for good. From single buildings to global portfolios, he has developed processes to deploy carbon reduction strategies at various scales. Boris combines practical design and construction knowledge with analytical methods, like Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment, to maximize impact while remaining mindful of budget, schedule, and aesthetics. He blends his background in civil engineering and passion for sustainability to guide clients through complex building certifications including Living Building Challenge, Zero Carbon, and LEED, for diverse projects ranging from parks to skyscrapers. Prior to working at stok, Boris spearheaded the Pentagon’s sustainable construction program, where he developed a strong belief that the built environment can have a positive impact on the world. Boris has spoken at various events, including conferences and panels hosted by the USGBC, International Living Future Institute (ILFI), Urban Land Institute (ULI), and the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF).