High-Performance and Zero Energy Building Recognition Programs

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By honoring innovators and leaders in advancing high performance and zero energy (ZE) buildings, recognition award programs can spur adoption of higher standards of building design and performance. The power and impact of recognizing and highlighting local high performance or ZE success stories can open the door to more projects as building designers, owners, developers and others see that high performance and ZE buildings are feasible in their area. Showcasing local examples also educates the broader public about sustainability, highlights the health benefits of high performance buildings, and demonstrates a commitment to reducing climate impacts.

Example: The Zero Energy K-12 School Leadership Recognition Program
New Buildings Institute successfully designed and implemented a first-of-its-kind multi-year recognition program for ZE schools in California. This program was developed and administered on behalf of the California Proposition 39 ZNE School Pilot Program and funded by the state’s investor-owned utilities. This program honors the leaders, both individuals and project teams, who inspire others on the path to zero and work effectively together to achieve ZE goals.

Awards are given in three categories that represent the range of changemakers advancing ZE schools in California:

Individuals & Teams: Honoring individuals who inspire others on the path to zero energy as well as project teams that work effectively together to achieve ZE goals.

Districts: Recognizing large and small school districts that have created and implemented policies, programs, or plans that bring zero energy buildings to a larger scale.

Outstanding Buildings: Spotlighting ZE verified, ZE emerging, and ultra-low energy projects at K-12 schools and community college campuses.

Eligible applicants must demonstrate either how their project is achieving, or is on track to achieve, ZE performance, or how they are providing leadership and a demonstrated model for others to learn from.

A panel of six exemplary leaders in the industry reviews each application for leadership; innovation; impact; diversity, equity & inclusion; and building design and performance.

The sample application is available here in an Excel spreadsheet: http://gettingtozeroforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018ZneSchoolLeadershipAwardsApplication.xlsx

More information about the ZE School Leadership Awards, such as past winners and promotional materials, can be found here: http://newbuildings.org/zne-awards/

Last Updated January 2019