Webly Bowles

Senior Project Manager | New Buildings Institute

Webly Bowles is a Senior Project Manager at New Buildings Institute with nearly 20 years of experience. As an architect, she brings her systems thinking approach to her work in the research and promotion of net zero buildings. She has developed sustainable and energy efficiency building programs for global fortune 500 companies and state-wide programs alike, proving measurable results. Webly heads NBI’s lifecycle carbon research and collaborates with jurisdictions’ energy and carbon reduction goals. A strong advocate of the integrated design process, Webly often presents at conferences and facilitates charrettes to encourage the understanding of successful net zero building implementation. Her current research efforts include: embodied carbon in codes and energy benchmarking for cultural institutions. Webly’s practical experience as an architect supports her interpretation of technical requirements to provide valuable high performance building guidance to design, construction, and operation professionals through presentations, resources, and tools. Before joining NBI in 2017, Webly worked as an energy analyst for MPower Oregon, a non-profit providing full-service energy efficiency upgrades to affordable multifamily housing in Oregon. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon in 2003 and holds several sustainable building certifications.