Darlene Pope

Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability Services | JLL Americas

Darlene Pope now serves as Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability Services for JLL Americas. She has 25 years of experience in commercial real estate, technology and smart building solutions, along with a passion for making a positive impact on building operations and management.

Prior to joining JLL, Ms. Pope was the founder and CEO of CoR Advisors® a smart building
consulting firm and leading educator to the real estate industry for the integration of
technology into real estate management and operations, which was recently acquired by JLL.
CoR Advisors’ expertise in smart building integrations systems supports JLL’s growing focus on energy management and high-performance building technology solutions.

Ms. Pope brings a unique set of skills and experience to the JLL team in all areas of energy, sustainability, technology, and building efficiency. She developed and trademarked a Roadmap to Energy Efficient Buildings, which has been used as a model for comprehensive energy management planning and implementation. Ms. Pope has designed and managed energy management programs for major commercial real estate companies and corporate clients, and has provided consulting services for various building types and sizes.