Martha Campbell

Senior Associate | RMI

Martha is a senior associate at RMI, working on the REALIZE initiative in their Residential Energy+ program. The project is focused on catalyzing the mass production and offering of carbon neutral retrofits for US multifamily and eventually, single-family homes. Martha has also worked closely with the City of Fort Collins on developing new business models to accelerate its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. Martha joins RMI from the University of Michigan, where she earned a dual master’s degree in environmental science and business administration. Martha’s professional experiences are as varied as learning green building techniques as a construction intern from renegade eco-architect Mike Reynolds, working for Rio Tinto’s Sustainable Development team, field organizing in northern New Mexico for the Alliance for Climate Protection, to program trading in the Equities division of Goldman Sachs. She holds a BA in International Relations and Economics from Stanford University and hails from El Paso, Texas.