Eli Font

Associate Director | Cadeo Group

Elizabeth (Eli) brings to Cadeo a diverse background in international development and the energy sector. Eli has worked for international organizations, the private sector, NGOs, and academia. Her expertise and experience are widespread—ranging from commercial solar development in NY to power system market structure evaluation in Panama to national energy security modeling in Tbilisi, Georgia. Prior to joining Cadeo, Eli worked for the United Nations Environment Program. There, she worked with the governments from Latin America and the Caribbean to develop and implement clean energy initiatives and projects to accelerate their energy transition. Eli is a member of the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance (RHA) and acts as the Policy Subcommittee Chair for WA for RHA. Elizabeth holds a B.S. in Chemistry, a Master’s in Environmental Science, and a graduate degree in Economics from Universidad de la República, Uruguay, as well as a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Columbia University.