Andy Winslow

Senior Associate, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

Andy joined NEEP in March 2020 as a Public Policy Associate after spending six months as an Energy Efficiency Intern. Both of these positions cut across the organization’s project areas to provide support, guidance and policy expertise to the NEEP team and our stakeholders. Beginning in 2022, Andy transitioned to the Buildings and Communities team as a Senior Buildings & Community Solutions Associate. In this new role Andy focuses on providing technical assistance, support, and software tools to states and communities who want to implement programs to reduce carbon emissions from existing buildings. Key programs include benchmarking and building performance standards for commercial buildings and holistic one-stop-shop retrofit models for residential buildings. On top of this program work, Andy also helps to manage the Regional Energy Efficiency Database (REED), a repository of standardized program level energy efficiency data from the Northeast States. Prior to joining NEEP, Andy was the community coach for the successful HeatSmart Arlington campaign, a state-funded community-led marketing and education program seeking to promote the adoption of clean heating and cooling technologies such as air and ground source heat pumps and solar hot water. Andy has continued to offer his expertise to the newly formed HeatSmart Alliance, a group of Massachusetts communities committed to clean heating.