Friday, October 29th Forum Program

The program is under development and speakers are still in the process of being invited and confirmed. If you have any questions, please email Leada Fuller-Marashi at [email protected].

8:00 am-9:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am-10:30 am Breakout Sessions

Developing the Plan for a Decarb Transition

Narada Golden, WSP | David Symons, WSP
Looking Back from the Future: A Strategic Framework for Creating Long-Term Decarbonization Plans

Ethan Heil, University of Virginia
Towards a Zero Carbon Campus

Don’t Get Burned: Implementing Electrification Strategies

Poppy Storm, 2050 Institute
A Systems Approach to State Building Decarbonization

Sneha Ayyagari, RMI
Accelerating the Adoption of Leading-Edge Municipal Electrification Policies

Title TBD

Elaine Miller, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Innovative Market Pathways to Accelerate Adoption of High-Performance Insulating Windows

Nicholas Bagatelos, Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems
Vacuum Insulating Glass can Save $20B of Annual Energy Costs that go “Out the Window” Every Year

Kyle Sword, NSG Pilkington
Energy Efficient Glazing Alternatives – From Upgrading Existing Windows to Power Generating Glazing

10:30 am-11:00 am Networking Break

11:00 am-12:30 pm Breakout Sessions

Addressing “Difficult” Building Types

Kate Doherty, Steven Winter Associates
Pirelli: Checking Into a Historic Existing Buildings Hotel

Megan Gunther, Affiliated Engineers, Inc
Overcoming the Hurdles of Laboratory Electrification

Daniel Nall, Daniel Nall Consultant, LLC | Scott Frank, JBB
Electrification Strategies for Tall Buildings in New York City

Better Codes, Better Buildings

Mark Lyles, New Buildings Institute
Building Performance Targets: Incorporating Energy Targets into Codes

Kim Cheslak, New Buildings Institute
Electrification of Codes and Building Performance Standards

Rahul Athalye, NORESCO | Bing Liu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Achieving Deep Energy Savings through Codes: Washington State’s Ambitious Energy Code Technical Roadmap

Equitable Carbon Neutral Communities

Johanna Partin, Building Decarbonization Coalition | David Johnson, SERA Architects
Restoring Culture and Climate – Growing Equitable Climate Positive Communities

Zachary Berzolla, MIT Sustainable Design Lab
Developing Jurisdiction-Specific Emissions Reduction Plans Using Urban Building Energy  Modeling

Amir Rezaei, CannonDesign
Flipping the Net Zero Policy on its Head: Using Thermal Resilience to Advocate for Community Justice and Net Zero Energy

Microgrid Mastery: Seeking Win-Win Solutions

Stephen Chapes, IDeAs Consulting
Different Flavors of Microgrids

Rushil Desai, Integral Group | James Perakis, Integral Group
A Study of Microgrids – Design for Cost vs Design for Resilience

Craig Collins, PAE Consulting Engineers | Darren Murtaugh, PGE
The Power of 3: How a Community, City, and Utility can Achieve Safety, Resiliency, and Sustainability