Hawaii HB 2182 – Carbon Sequestration Task Force

Carbon, Climate Action, Legislation, States

In Act 33, Session Laws of Hawaii 2017, the Hawaii established the carbon farming task force to gain an understanding of how agricultural land management practices can sequester carbon, provide greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits, and decrease marine sedimentation.  The legislature found that a parallel effort is needed to examine ways to add green canopy to urban areas to curb rising temperatures. The purpose of HB 2182 is to (1) create a new task force named as the GHG sequestration task force with similar goals as the carbon farming task force created by Act 33, but expands and makes it permanent; (2) align the State’s clean energy and carbon sequestration efforts with climate initiative goals, and require that a member of the GHG sequestration task force also be a member of the climate change mitigation and adaptation commission; and (3) expand the mission of the GHG sequestration task force to examine opportunities to exploit carbon sequestering trees and vegetation to reduce urban temperatures. 

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