About the National Forum

82% of leading design practitioners surveyed said zero net energy (ZNE) will be considered a mainstream approach by 2030 (2014).

We are at the beginning of a movement that is likely to transform the built environment in the next two decades. Policy drivers, emerging technologies and advanced design and operational practices are resulting in ultra-efficient buildings beyond anything we have seen before.

The number of zero net energy (ZNE) buildings, those that are so energy efficient they only consume as much energy as can be produced from onsite renewable energy resources, is growing. And while this market is relatively new it is poised to develop rapidly. Recent research estimates that worldwide zero energy building revenue is expected to exceed $1.4 trillion annually by 2035.

On October 12-14, 2016, the nation’s leading policymakers, design professionals, building owners and commercial real estate representatives will gather at the 2016 Getting to Zero National Forum to share perspectives on the growth of ZNE, learn about best practices for successful projects and collaborate on opportunities for ZNE to transform the built environment.


350+ leading policymakers—federal, state and local representatives—from across North America were joined by design professionals, program managers, building owners and others.

40+ speakers shared perspectives on the growth of zero net energy policies and projects and begin planning for the future of these extremely efficient buildings.

YOU! Come take your place in creating the future of buildings and learn more by joining our blog, reviewing speaker presentations and joining us for the 2016 event at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, CO.